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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the pool take to build from start to finish?
    Once certification has been approved, a standard pool will take approximately 4-6 weeks depending on fencing installation and weather.
  2. How long does certification take?
    Approximately 2-4 weeks as long as there are no complications.
  3. How long does curing concrete take?
    Approximately 21-28 days.
  4. How and when do we pay for the pool construction?
    Progress payments are made after each stage of the construction is completed.
  5. When can we fill the pool with water?
    Once the fence has been constructed and passed by the certifier we may pebblecrete and fill the pool with water.
  6. What is the minimum height for pool fencing?
    Pool fencing can be no less than 1.2 metres high except for on boundaries which is a minimum of 1.8 metres.
  7. How long after start up should we expect to see the water balanced?
    Water should be balanced around 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of filtration system you have.
  8. Do we have to have salt or chlorinated water in the pool?
    No, your options also include –
    • Natural water (copper & silver ionised water) which contains minimum chemicals, reducing risk of skin irritation and costly products.
    • MagnaPool (magnesium salts). Magnesium water has very high health benefits, especially for skin problems.
  9. Does sand stone coping/tiling/paving have to be sealed?
    Yes as this will protect the sand stone from flaking and ensure a longer life period.